he posted an article earlier today on his blog (someone else wrote it—a pakistani-american female journalist) about one of the girls who was also injured alongside malala yousafzai and how we should remember the other two girls as well, etc. etc. all well and good. but kristof’s commentary was what made me upset:

I’m in awe of these Pakistani girls willing to risk execution by the Taliban for seeking an education. Bravo to them! I wish American drop-outs could learn something from them.”

like could you miss the point any more than kristof seems continually able to do? i mean, this dichotomy between pakistani girls risking their lives to go to school and american kids not giving a shit about school and dropping out DOESN’T ACTUALLY EXIST.

first of all, a lot of pakistani girls go to school without ever having to risk their lives. when i lived in pakistan, that’s what i did. if i would have stayed in pakistan, i would have continued being able to do that. SOME girls are in that situation, yes, and it sucks, and absolutely we should talk about them, but wtf is this hero worshipping of teenage girls BY A GROWN MAN? and btw, kids also drop out of school in pakistan! 

furthermore, there are a billion different reasons why someone might choose to drop out of school. i wonder if kristof has ever realized that poverty also exists in the US. does he not know that people go through terrible things here? people drop out for a multitude of factors. and even if it’s nothing like that, even if it’s literally just someone is dropping out because they don’t like school and want to do something else, SO WHAT? since when does everyone like the same things? plenty of people do exactly what they want after dropping out of school.

ugh just this false dichotomy, like kristof has no business being in awe of pakistani girls like a creeper and then shitting on american kids at the same time.

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